Terry Dann
Managing Director, Sysmentum

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"Terry has a rare talent in being able to combine high technical competence with a strong ability to communicate effective strategies to non-technical stakeholders"

Terry Dann
Managing Director, Sysmentum

IT/Business Consultancy - Terry Dann

Terry Dann has over 35 years experience in providing IS/IT services and change management guidance to the automotive, manufacturing and finance industries in Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia Pacific. He led the development of a major Purchasing System for Ford of Europe and headed the IT Business Planning and Joint Venture Departments.

He was IT Director of Ford Credit Europe for 10 years, where he created common systems across 21 countries and 5 brands, achieving best in class IT costs and delivering annual operating cost savings of $75 to $100 million. He was responsible for all IT governance and strategy outside of the USA and a key architect of Ford Credit's global systems and process harmonisation programme.

Terry is also a Director of the Woburn Consulting Group.

Terry has an innovative method for developing and evaluating cohesive IS/IT strategies in close partnership with business executives. He also has a rigorous approach to project planning, ensuring that developers and sponsors are aligned to achieve on-time, on-budget delivery.

Aviation Consultancy - Terry Dann

Terry has over 30 years in-depth experience of general aviation, aircraft ownership and operation, at personal, group and company levels. As well as being a private pilot with in excess of 2700 flying hours on over 50 types, Terry is a CAA and JAA trained AOC post-holder. He was for 3 years the Director of Operations for a UK executive air charter company where he personally subtantially rewrote the Operations Manual and the Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Exposition in accordance with JAR-OPS and, subsequently, EU-OPS.

Terry has also been trained in Safety Management System development by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. He has experience in developing SMS action plans based on ICAO Document 9859 to meet CAA and EASA requirements, and in the subsequent production of the systems.

Terry is able to cut through the bureaucracy and assist private individuals, flying groups and professional operators to establish a smooth, cost-effective operation, in compliance wtih LAA, CAA and EASA regulations.

Terry Selman

Terry Selman acquired his experience initially in commercial aviation (BOAC/BA) as a Technician apprentice, working his way through mechanical, electrical, Avionic and engine system training. He eventually became an overseas station engineer holding CAA licences/company approvals on Boeing 707, Vickers VC10 and Concorde 102, his approvals covered airframe, Engine and avionics systems.

Experience has also been gained over 25 years in the demanding VIP environment of a major oil company corporate aircraft fleet, initially as a Flight Service engineer on Gulfstream aircraft and then as Chief Engineer for the corporate fleet of Gulfstreams, HS125s and Falcon aircraft.

This experience includes managing the corporate maintenance department operating a wide variety of aircraft, under various registers in different operational environments. This has also provided him with invaluable insight into the field of aircraft acquisition and disposal along with technical sales and certification matters. During his time in corporate aviation Terry held Licences/Approvals on HS125, Gulfstream and Falcon aircraft.

Recent experience, after retirement Terry became a consultant, performing technical audits on both aircraft and maintenance facilities on behalf of aircraft operators. In addition during this period Terry held the positions of Chief of Maintenance and Quality manager for a major Boeing 737 BBJ corporate operator.

Terry’s most recent position was as a CAA Form 4 Post holder. He was the Continuing Airworthiness Manager for a UK executive air charter company where he was responsible for the ensuring compliance with Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Exposition.

Detailed Consultant experience During his consultancy career Terry has been responsible for a variety of projects, these include-:

Long international exposure has enabled Terry to develop a good understanding of the different nationalities, cultures and requirements involved in the aviation industry. This in turn has lead to excellent team building skills whenever and wherever he has embarked upon a project.

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Stuart Carmichael

Stuart Carmichael has over 10 years experience in Airline and Ground Handling Operations and Charter Aircraft Management

Within the past 5 years he has held two Senior Operational Management roles allowing him to gain substantial experience in all aspects of Operational Management, Customer Service, Health & Safety, Training & Recruitment, Dangerous Goods & Security, Sales & Marketing and Business Development.  More recently Stuart held the official position of a Nominated CAA Post Holder for Ground Operations for an executive charter operator.

Stuart is able to provide support, guidance and business development to private and commercial operators, ensuring that their operation is run effectively, efficiently and most importantly safely while in compliance with National and International Regulations.'

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Recent Assignments

Terry Dann's recent consulting assignments have included:

Terry has chaired a number of CIO bodies and has presented in Europe and the US on IT Change Management, Strategic Planning and Project Planning.

Recent papers written by Terry Dann
(download in pdf format)

Case Study 1

True story: It was a large corporation and a household name. The CIO just knew the company didn't have an IT problem: "This company has two strategic priorities, and IT isn't one of them!"

So what were his priorities?

Then came the reckoning. Two key inhibitors were unearthed. IT systems didn't support multiple brands And they just didn't have the necessary collection systems and processes in place.

The board welcomed our approach and, working with the CIO, we helped initate and evaluate a root-and-branch IT and business process alignment review. We provided guidance on best practices in financial services debt recovery and the best-in-class IT solutions to enable them.

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Case Study 2

A small/medium sized UK software development company lobbied for and received a Request For Information from a major European manufacturer for a pan-European software solution. The company knew they would be competing with major international ERP vendors and were looking for assistance to co-ordinate their response, and to portray their company, its products and its services in a way which would stand out to the potential customer.

They Needed:

We worked against a tight schedule to ensure the company responded to the information request in a timely and high-quality manner. As a result the company moved into the next stage of selection and was asked to respond to a detailed Request For Quotation. Once again we worked to an extremely tight schedule, co-ordinating extensive amounts of material relating to functionality, performance and cost. Having had experience over many years of selecting software solutions for large manufacturing and financial services companies, we knew the factors which would be important to the customer and could advise our client accordingly. Uniquely we were able to provide "a view from the other side of the table"

We placed our client in the best possible position to present his company and its product as a serious niche competitor to the major players.

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Case Study 3

A small/medium sized UK IT outsourcing company is frequently required to respond to tenders from the public sector. The authorities and departments involved will have prepared their own busines plan and will expect any partner company to align themselves to it and to build their own response. Many of the company's sales and client-management staff lacked any formal understanding of the content of a business plan or the preparation process. They also lacked any tools to assist them in presenting their solutions to the client's issues in a manner which would align to business priorities.

They needed:

We provided bespoke training to selected staff from the company to give them the awareness, the confidence and the tools they need to stand out from the competition and to be best-placed to win business.

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